Finalist in the General Fiction Category of the Independent Audiobook Awards!

Berlin: November 1943

Air raid sirens howl as a heavy stream of bombers head towards the city.

At a fire station near Charlottenburg, Karl Weber commands a group of war weary firefighters, exhausted by the strains of reduced manpower and constant duty. But this raid is different. A group of teenage auxiliaries with little training have arrived to help out. And now Karl must lead them into the streets as bombs fall and incendiaries ignite people and buildings alike. All the while, he’s worried about the young women he met just a few days ago. Ursula. She’s playing a dangerous game with the Gestapo, one which might put his own life in danger.

In the night sky, Michael O’Hanlon sits at the controls of a Lancaster. His crew is depending on him to bring them back alive from what should be their last mission. The problem? He knows they won’t make it. Back in England, his fiance Grace Robinson eagerly awaits his return, but she harbors a secret which she fears might derail their relationship forever. As he wings his way towards Berlin, she travels north to be near his base when he returns. If he returns.

In the space of a single night, four lives collide while Berlin staggers under the weight of British bombs.

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