I guess you might say I’ve lived a somewhat interesting life. I went into the fire service as a youth and spent 15 years as a firefighter and then an arson investigator before an injury forced my early retirement. Along the way I picked up a BA and an MA in History, and more recently, an MS in Criminal Justice. I experience quite a bit on the job; some good and some bad. It influences not only my fiction and other writings, but also how I teach my classes and how I live my life.

I’ve taught community college history courses part time since 2004. I started doing this while I was still on the job as sort of a side gig. Upon my retirement, I began the seemingly fruitless search for a full time professorship. This spring (2018), I took a step forward and accepted a temporary full time position. The jury is still out as to whether I will be made permanent, but I should know within a month.

My interests in history are varied and they are also the same as my writing interests. The World Wars and the American Civil War are my biggest passions, other than redheads. I’m also deeply fascinated by Imperial Russia and the Russian Revolution. I have one completed World War 2 novel that is currently going through the revision process to prepare for submission to an editor. I also have a completed mystery novel that will never see the light of day. My current writing project, on hold while I work on revisions, is a sweeping Civil War epic which involves the Confederate plot to burn New York City in 1864.

In the little spare time I have these days, I enjoy watching high school football, cheering for the New Orleans Saints and the Boston Red Sox, and I’m also a big boxing fan having done a bit of it myself in my FD days. I collect historical artifacts from various time periods and I live in one too! My house was built in 1932. Vintage clothes also interest me and I dress straight outta 1940 half the time. I live with my hot redheaded wife, six cats, and 2,000 books. Somehow we fit in a 900 square foot house in Southeast Texas.

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