So Others May Live

SoOthersMayLive Final

Winner of the Adventure: War and Military category of the 2019 American Fiction Awards

Finalist for the Goethe Prize in Post-1750s Historical Fiction

Finalist in the War & Military Fiction Category of the Foreward Indies Awards.

Finalist in the General Fiction Category of the Independent Audiobook Awards.

In the space of a single night, four lives collide while Berlin staggers under the weight of British bombs.

Mick, a Lancaster pilot, proposed to Grace on his last leave but one more mission stands in between him and the end of his tour. Grace harbors a secret, one which she fears might change the nature of their relationship forever. Unsure of how he will respond, she has decided to tell him upon his return knowing that to do so risks losing him forever.

Seven hundred miles away in Berlin, war-weary firefighter Karl is haunted by the images he’s seen both on the home front and in Russia. Now he takes command of a group of teenage auxiliaries who find themselves on the front lines of Germany’s defenses against a nightly rain of fire. On a call, he meets Ursula, a young woman who lives near his station. Karl quickly finds himself falling for her, unaware that she is playing a dangerous game, one which might place his own life in danger.

This is the story of both the bombers and the bombed.

And those who risk everything So Others May Live.

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