Molly’s Song

Molly’s Song will be published by Fireship Press on July 29th. Pre-order here or here! Or here!

Amidst the turmoil of Civil War era New York, a young, immigrant woman seeks to escape a life of prostitution so that she may rescue a child from a terrible fate.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this. Cast adrift in an unfamiliar city, a young Irish immigrant named Molly finds herself forced into prostitution and has a child stolen out of her arms. With the city descending into the chaos of the Draft Riots, Molly must save herself before she can save the child.

From the green fields of Galway to the crowded streets of New York and the ornate parlors of New Orleans, Molly never stops fighting to free herself and the child she hardly knows from a terrible fate.

The author conveys compassion in non-judgmental prose for a character who can sing but who is asked to bare her teeth and take off her clothes when interviewing for a job. Although Molly is smart, the book presents a cameo of challenges to a woman’s dreams. Her story will keep readers turning the pages, hoping the plot will somehow shift in her favor.

US Review of Books