Chosen Men to Me!


“Now you and I know you can fire three rounds a minute. But can you stand?”

Dear Readers,

As another semester draws to a close, I am preparing for my usual end of the semester tradition (each fall and spring). That is, a Sharpe’s Rifles marathon usually followed by a Hornblower marathon. I’ve seen all the films in both series numerous times, too numerous to even count. But they never get old. I enjoy watching Sharpe and the lads give Boney a damn good thrashing every time. And I do enjoy the Age of Sail and nautical fiction, so the exploits of Hornblower are always entertaining as well. I do wish they’d make a crossover episode with both Hornblower and Sharpe. Maybe they team up to rescue a kidnapped Austrian princess from a Turkish harem. Or something like that.

Alas, my marathon cannot start until Friday. I have one final Monday, two on Wednesday, and two on Thursday. And then I have to enter grades and respond to usually 20-25 emails begging, cajoling, or demanding higher grades than those earned. Once all that is over, I can begin the films and enjoy my two months off before I start classes in the Summer 2 session.

3 thoughts on “Chosen Men to Me!

  1. Yes! Sharpe and Hornblower were my life in the late 90s. One of my biggest thrills as an exchange student was getting to go to Waterloo. In fact, I still have the “Europe in 1815” map that I bought at the gift shop, along with some really cool books. I actually got to buy the UK hardcovers of both Sharpe’s Tiger and Sharpe’s Fortress when they were released. Most of my fellow American students thought I was crazy, but they’re also the kind of people that thought Friends and Pulp Fiction were cool (just like you, never seen either) and probably are addicted to Game of Thrones now (I call it Pornography with Dragons). So see, you have a fellow weirdo in me!

    P.S. if I wanted to get an autographed hardcover of So Others May Live, how could we accomplish that?


    • Hi Matthew. Thanks for reading. If you have a copy of So Others May Live, email me at leehutchauthor @ outlook. Com. I’ll send an address to mail it to. Include your return address and I’ll sign it and send it back to you.


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