Christmas Break

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Dear Readers,

The nice think about teaching college is the generous amounts of time off. My fall semester ended with little fanfare on Dec. 12th. I do not have to report back until January 14th, with students to follow on the 21st. I’m teaching a professional development session to faculty on the 14th, so I do have to spend some time working on that, but the rest of the month is mine to use or waste as I see fit. Obviously, I have my Sharpe’s marathon to keep me occupied for a bit. But I’m also attempting a new writing venture.

As I’ve said quite a few times, I’m a big fan of Old Time Radio programs. Sadly, these are a thing of the past in the US, though in the UK, new shows are produced and air every year. The BBC hosts an International Playwriting Competition in which the challenge is to write an original 53 minute radio drama script. Given my enthusiasm for the spoken word over the airwaves, I have decided to give the competition a go. The deadline is 31 January, though I hope to have my play finished by New Year’s Day. At the time of this typing, I am 20% done with it. As it has to be formatted a script and not a manuscript, it is slow going. But I’m making steady progress. Is it any good? Who knows? That’s for the judges to decide.

It’s not all typing though. There’s plenty of time to play Napoleon: Total War, which I like to play while I’m having my Sharpe’s Marathon. And, when the Sharpe movies are finished, well, then we have the 8 Hornblower movies to follow! On New Year’s Eve, I’ll be watching the epic 1970 film Waterloo. If you start the film at a precise time, then as the clock strikes midnight, you’ll hear Lord Wellington shout, “Now Maitland! Now’s your time!” That’ll start 2020 off the right way!


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