Just a Bum


Just a Bum

I know I don’t look like much now. I’m a hollowed out wreck of a human being. But I used to be someone. I was the person who came to help you on your worst day. I was the person who held your spouse’s hand while they were dying, so they wouldn’t be alone. I was the person who performed CPR on your child, hearing you screaming behind me as I tried to choke back my own tears. I was the person who sang to your daughter to keep her calm while we worked to cut her out of a mangled car. I was the person who told you everything would be okay, and that you’d be just fine, even as I knew you were dying because I didn’t want you to be afraid. I was the person who saved your family Bible when your house burned. I was the person who sacrificed my relationship with my own wife and son so that you could be with yours. I was the person who always came when you called. I was the person who gave up my own health and sanity because of the love I have for my community. I was the person who took an oath to serve my fellow man. I’m no hero. I just did my job. I was a fireman. Yeah…I’m not much to look at now. I’m just a bum. But I wasn’t always that way. I used to be someone.


Remember friends, words can cut you to the bone.

3 thoughts on “Just a Bum

  1. I find the behavior of the administration official to be boorish, insulting, denigrating and hostile. Apparently it never occurred to this person that you are an accomplished professor and teacher, author and heroic first responder. All the administrator sees in others is what he sees in himself – the surface. The outward appearance. Nothing that matters.
    So please know that we who know you see far, far more than he ever will. Even your friends, like me, who’ve never even had the distinct pleasure and honor of actually meeting you. We know exactly who you are. And you are someone. And you do matter.

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