A Writing Update


Dear Readers,

I hope all of you are safe from the Coronavirus. The Friday was closed on Friday because of a conference (that I did not go to), and so I managed to get quite a bit accomplished. I finished my third round of edits to Molly’s Song and now she is ready to go to my editor on March 16th. Next, I tackled finishing the final pieces of the outline for my third novel, Dark Raven. Given that this one will be longer than my others, I may not have time to write the entire first draft in between the end of the spring semester and the start of the Summer 2 semester. With that in mind, I decided that I would knock out the first part over Spring Break which is the week after next. However, with time on my hands yesterday, I went ahead and banged out the first draft of Chapter One. I figured it wouldn’t hurt.


Everything I do is done under the watchful eye of Her Imperial Highness, Grand Duchess Anastasia Colleen Hutchison.

Have a pleasant week, friends.


6 thoughts on “A Writing Update

  1. Congrats on the latest book! I finished my first last year, and now plotting a new WIP. Meanwhile this coronavirus thing has done some major damage in China (where I’m currently located) and I’m thinking about posting something about it on Monday. Stay safe, and write on.

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  2. So good to hear from you! You are doing a great job staying focused and on task with your goals. We should all be so dedicated! No doubt your Anastasia Colleen keeps you both encouraged and in line! 😊🏆. (I really do sound like a teacher, lol!) Well, it is my calling and I am still at it being semi retired…my 38th yr in education in one way or another…😊💕🏆! The years fly so fast…I will be 66 in two weeks!😳. I think I am repeating myself?!🤔. I look forward to your books being finished. Your crush on Maria has made me more interested in her and her family again…wanting to know what they were like before their tragic end. I have been able to find a few things on line and at the library. I will always wonder how their lives would have been had they not left us so young. Speaking of pandemics- I read the novel titled YEAR of WONDERS by Geraldine Brooks about the plague (my version, 2001), and I found it to be a good read. The Spanish flu of 1918 is interesting also, and like the plague, it was such a significant event in history. It always amazes me that we do as well as we do considering what can happen. I must admit…having worked in a pharmacy for two years in high school, having illnesses in my family, and my own maladies of various kinds that rocked my world (spinal problems all the way from top to bottom), osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, shingles that went into my right eye and caused such vision loss that they now list me as not using that eye on my driver’s license 😥, and double mastectomies in 2012 with triple negative IDC, a more aggressive form…(but praise God I have had no further spread after 8 yrs!) , prediabetuc type II (and I am not even overweight), and am prone to depression from family of origin trauma for years, I find myself very interested in medicine. I do sometimes wonder, however, how some of us do it everyday. I used to be so athletic and fit. (I am determined to get back to it…I suffered three setbacks that frustrated me so much I quit it all for a long while now, but I miss it and I know it would help me all the way around. (My husband, even at 73, remains very active and fit even after a knee replacement and having osteoarthritis himself. He is very dedicated to his diet, sleep, and fitness routines.🏆😊💕). I think that is what I love about all types of writing and books: they inspire and encourage me. Thank God for writers, especially ones like you! 🏆Thanks for listening and have a blessed week. I pray your health and situations are improving in every way! Blessings for you and yours! 🙏😊. Mrs. K

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    • My great-great grandfather died of the Spanish Flu. I’ve always been fascinated by the impact of diseases on the course of human history. When it comes to Romanov books, I recommend anything by Helen Rappenport.


  3. Prediabetic and I left out a “(.” Typos bother me…all these years of editing students’ work…lol😊. Hope I caught them all! ) Lol

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  4. I always appreciate your replies! God bless him and your family as he rests in peace. One thing about disease or injury, (whether it be mental or physical) in history and in our own lives, it can so quickly center our attention into a survival mode. That’s one thing I like about writing – it brings a voice to the reality for those that suffer in so many ways. This voice is (hopefully!) what makes us reach out to comfort and help one another. You do a great job of giving a voice to your characters, thus helping us to appreciate their lives and sacrifices, etc. I will look into finding that book on the Romanovs. Many thanks! Have a blessed week!😊🙏


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