Quick Update


And as I work, a photo of my Mashka watches over me.

Dear Readers,

I will not be posting a weekly pandemic journal on Thursday as I have been doing for the past nine weeks or so. With the disruption caused by the electrical repairs to the house which start today, I won’t have consistent power inside to type each day’s entry. (We are replacing the entire electrical system, all the wiring, breaker panel, etc). Also, today I start working on my third novel, tentatively titled Dark Raven and set in Imperial Russia through the war, revolution, and civil war. My history crush Maria Nikolaevna, my Mashka, will be making a cameo appearance at one point in the story. I’m starting the first draft out by writing by hand due to the electrical work.

So to tide you over until I post again, here are a couple of links to the two songs that inspired this novel. The first one you can listen to here. And the second one is here.

Until next time friends, take care of yourselves. And each other.


One thought on “Quick Update

  1. Thanks for the update! It amazes me that anyone would try to start a novel by hand…but I hear that there are quite a few writers that still do it. Thanks for your dedication and perseverance, as always! To me, it is like me wanting to read with having an actual book in my hand versus reading on line…more intimate and grounding. So glad your semester is closing so you can enjoy your less distracted family time, new novel writing, and helping your college figure out how to open again safely. We are all wondering here about the elementary (etc.) levels. It was already challenging as it was. I think the shutdown has given us some extra time we needed to reflect upon relationships, jobs, habits, and priorities. Most importantly, we have needed to see how what we do affects each other and how we need and depend on others. I pray we are all making positive differences where we can and should. Praying for your improved health and for many blessings for you and yours. Pats for ALL the kitties in your life, too. 🙏😊💕 Mrs. K

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