Molly Goes to the Movies…Well, Not Really…But Maybe…

Dear Readers,

The back spasms that laid me low last week have not let up and I’ve been more or less bedridden for the past several days. And, of course, my knee and ankle decided to join in on the party, so I’ve spent a few days encased in icepacks. Such is life, or rather, such is my life.

Molly’s Song is making its way towards the approaching release date of July 29th! Recently, I listened to a whole bunch of audition samples to select a narrator and, as I hoped, I found the perfect one. She’s a talented actress and has experience playing characters similar to Molly on screen. Specifically, you can see her in a couple of Indie Westerns here and here. As I am a big fan of westerns, specifically indie westerns, I recognized her name when I saw it in my audition box as I had already seen and enjoyed the above mention films. If you don’t do westerns and if audiobooks, particularly thrillers, are more your thing, check out the incredible job she did with this one. When I listened to her audition, Molly’s voice sounded exactly like it did in my head as I was writing the book, so I’m really looking forward to the finished product as I hope you will be as well.

Books face very long odds of ever getting turned into a feature film or series, be it steaming service or television, but you never know if you’ll make it if you don’t try. To that end, here is the pitch page to go along with the book. If you know any Hollywood producers or directors, feel free to pass it along. Though I am working on the sequel, of course, I am also, in my limited spare time, putting together a treatment and a pilot script to go with the pitch.

So, you ask, who should play Molly on screen? Have any of you seen the Bosch series on Amazon? If so, you’ve seen the actress I think would be perfect to play Molly, assuming she doesn’t mind dying her hair red for the role and can also do a decent Irish accent. That would be Madison Lintz. She’s the right age, which is also important, and I think she is talented enough to pull it off.

Honestly, I’d be thrilled if the book even got optioned, much less made into a movie or series. Just being able to say your book was optioned by a producer or studio would be cool. But if you’d like to see it turned into a series or film, there is an easy way to help. Buy. The. Book. And get your friends, and even your enemies, to buy it too. The more copies it sells, the more attention it gets from producers, directors, and studios. Maybe we’ll get lucky and get to see Molly on screen one day!

Until next time, friends, take care of yourselves. And each other.


One thought on “Molly Goes to the Movies…Well, Not Really…But Maybe…

  1. So sorry to hear you are down. Praying you are up and around asap! Hoping also that Molly gets a screen project! Hope your humidity there is not as bad as it is here in San Antonio. We loved the rain and needed it, but now, the humidity and mosquitos. Feast or famine in Texas, of course… Praying blessings for you and yours! Mrs. K

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