The Don May Be Quiet, But My House Isn’t

Aksinia (L) and Olga (R)

Dear Readers,

I figured this deserved a separate post rather than merely including it in the next Journal of a Pandemic Year entry. Anastasia has been very sad since her brother Autie died a few months ago. In the meantime, my wife and I had been talking about adopting another kitten since Anastasia really likes kittens. In fact, she treats me like I’m her kitten.

On Sunday, the local animal shelter mentioned on their social media page that they are overflowing with cats and had an urgent need for adoptions. My wife and I decided to go and see the cats/kittens. Every cat I’ve ever had has been a rescue, but I hate going to shelters because I want to bring them all home with me!

My wife was immediately drawn to a very friendly Russian Blue kitten, around 7 months old. She was in the cage with her sister, but her sister was quiet and very withdrawn. We were afraid that if we took the friendly one, the quiet one would never get noticed. Plus, they had been together for seven months. It was an easy decision. We took both of them.

According to the shelter, they were part of a litter of four that had been picked up a month prior. Oddly enough, they were found about seven blocks from our house. The two males in the litter were polydactyl and were adopted very quickly.

We got them home and set them up in one of the bedrooms so that they could adjust to life away from the shelter before we introduce them to the others. Plus, we wanted to get them into the vet to get checked out too. They immediately started to play and kept playing through the night before they finally crashed around 9:15am the next morning. As it turns out, the one that seemed withdrawn really isn’t. She’s friendly too, just a little bit more reserved than her sister.

This afternoon, we took them to the vet for a check up and to get their rabies vaccine. They are healthy except for an intestinal parasite common to kittens who have been outdoors/in shelters. We got them treated for that and have some medicine to give them for the next week that will clear it up. And, since our cats are inside only, we don’t have to worry about a recurrence. We also scheduled them to get spayed on July 1st since they are old enough for the surgery.

I have named them Aksinia and Olga. Aksinia is the more adventurous and mischievous of the two, much like her Cossack namesake, Aksinia Astakhova from my favorite novel, Quiet Flows the Don. Olga is bit more reserved, like her namesake Olga Nikolaevna Romanova. She likes to just sit back and watch her sister get into things.

It’ll be a week before we can introduce them to the others because we have to give them the full seven day course of the medication first. but Anastasia knows they are in there and is very eager to see them.


4 thoughts on “The Don May Be Quiet, But My House Isn’t

  1. Bravo! It will be such a pleasure to see how happy they are all together once settled in! Bless you both for giving them a home and Anastasia two new kittens!😊💕🙏🏆

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  2. They are beautiful, like all of your kitties! 😊🏆❤️ So sorry for your losses, though. They will always have a place in your hearts!🙏💕. Praying you are feeling better!

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