An Update


Dear Readers,

I hope you enjoyed my interview. Talking about my own writing process was a lot of fun. The thing to keep in mind is that all writers have different approaches to getting a book completed. Study the writing habits of as many of your favorite writers as you can, and then pick and choose the bits that work for you and incorporate them into your own style. Some like to write in the mornings and others in the middle of the night. You know when you work best, so do that rather than try and mirror the exact same daily schedule that someone else follows.

If you live in the Greater Houston area, I cordially invite you to join me at the Deer Park Public Library at 11:00am on November 8th. I will be giving a lecture as part of their Friday Lecture Series on Ireland in World War One. (Note that I’m doing it under my real name rather than my pen name and in my full time persona as a history professor). It should be fun….or at least not boring. The topic is not without controversy, as anything in Irish History leans toward the controversial side.

This has been a rough semester. The roughest, in fact, since my original injuries in 2012. When I fell and fractured another vertebrae in January before the spring semester, I thought the horrendous pain at that time was the worst yet. However, by late March, I was back to normal and felt like I usually do. I’m in pain all the time, but the levels are usually manageable. I had a great summer and felt as good as I’ve felt since 2012. But then came August. Nothing happened to cause it, but my daily pain levels are through the roof. Whereas I once had good months and the occasional bad day, I now have bad months with the occasional good day. We are past the halfway point in the semester and I’ve only had one week where I felt relatively normal. It’s gotten so bad that for the first time ever, I had to miss a class because of it. I can see the finish line for the semester coming into view, and I’m pushing myself to get there and then use the month off to try and recuperate as best I can. Being 41 and facing another few decades of constant pain is not a cheery prospect at all. Especially since it seems to worsen with each passing year.

On a somewhat more amusing note, I am currently serving a 7 day sentence in Facebook Jail. Why? Because apparently a World War Two meme poking fun at Nazis is “hate speech”. (Though actual Nazis are allowed to post with impunity, but that’s another matter). Two friends were suspended for the same meme as well. All three of us appealed and Facebook overturned the other two suspensions, but not mine. They claim I have violated Community Standards on ten occasions which is absolutely not true….as evidenced by my Support Inbox which only has this one “violation” in it. Honestly, I’m kind of tired of Facebook anyway. If it weren’t for my cat Anastasia’s page and my Author’s page, I really wouldn’t use it at all. Once upon a time it was fun, now it’s just people arguing with one another.

My Instagram account is popping though. If you haven’t yet, go here and give it a follow! It’s got cat pictures, history memes, writing related posts, and sophomoric humor. What’s not to like? I have to behave on it though since my wife follows my account.

Until next time, Dear Readers, take care of yourselves. And each other.


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